"We‘re the ones we‘ve been waiting for" human rights slam poem

“We're the ones who rise up against Extrajudicial Killings We stand up for the poor and the young Snuffed out of their lives in the slums We are Yassin Moyo We are the the ones speaking out against corruption is low and high places We're the ones ready to unshackle from the yoke of ethnic divisions High-end office decisions We are the demystifiers of the blockade of political participation in Africa Readying our young for democratic take overs We're the ones propping generations to come Defending human rights on the highway towards total freedom. We are the ones we've been searching for We're the ones we've been calling for We're the past, the now and the future to come We're the ones we've been waiting for”

By Ndungi Githuku

Let‘s Talk Human Rights - A podcast investigating the current state of human rights in Africa

Even in democratic constitutional states, human rights violations occur on a regular basis. However, emerging and developing countries, like most African countries, are particularly affected. This podcast series takes us on a journey through sub-Saharan Africa and together, we will meet witnesses from East, West and Southern Africa. These witnesses will share their current experiences, looking specifically at human rights violations with regards to education, women and children rights, racism, xenophobia, LGBT+ rights and press freedom, to name a few.

Our next series of episodes will introduce you to the very people who actively stand up for human rights in Africa despite strong headwinds, and the work they do as Human Rights Defenders. We will meet Human Rights Defenders from different countries, listen to their stories, and learn what motivated them to become Human Rights Defenders in the first place